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Q. With the rising fuel cost, do I have to pay for my fuel and maintenance?
A. No, if you drive for a company, they provide fuel and maintenance. You drive.

Q. Do you offer refresher courses for people who have previously had CDLs?
A. Yes, we offer refreshers.

Q. Do you offer weekend classes?
A. Yes, by appointment only, we may offer weekend training to fit our student's busy schedules.

Q.What felonies disqualify you from getting a CDL?
A. Using a commercial vehicle in the commission of a felony, manslaughter in the first or second degree with a motor vehicle, misconduct with a motor vehicle, causing a fatality through negligent/reckless vehicle operation, operating a vehicle with a BAC of .08% or higher, extortion, bribery, smuggling, arson, treason, kidnapping and assault with intent to murder.

Q. Is being a truck driver hard on a marriage?
A. It can be due to the potential long stretches away from home. Many couples team drive or have the spouse ride along as much as possible. Technology also makes it easier to stay in constant contact. As a result, many drivers will look for a more localized job as soon as possible, to be home more.

Q. What kind of expenses do truck drivers have?
A. Besides any bills that you have at home, the most significant expense for drivers on the road is food. Almost everything else, like tolls, scale tickets, and repairs, will be paid for or reimbursed by the company.

Q. Can I bring my family on the road with me?
A. Many companies have rider policies that allow one rider. Most will allow only one rider at a time, and many have age or time frame restrictions, which vary by company.

Q. Is it hard spending so much time alone as a solo truck driver?
A. It can be, for many people. Solitude is one of the most challenging parts drivers must adjust to, and many cannot. You could go long periods without having any meaningful interactions with other humans.

Q. When and where do truck drivers get to shower?
A. Most of the time, the truck stops will have showers facilities. Many even offer free shower tickets when you fuel up. In addition, many drivers will use their 30-minute break to clean up or even rent a hotel for the night if they know they have the time.

Q. What are the prices and requirements?

A. See Service tab

Q. How long is the course for Class A?

A. Class A is 4-6 weeks. Class B is 2-4 weeks. However, it varies for each student.

Q. Do you test 3rd parties?

A. No, everything is passed through DPS.

Q. Is this a full-time program?

A. No. See Service tab.

Q. Do you offer Auto or Manual?

A. Both

Q. Will I use your truck for testing?

A. Yes, your training includes two (2) test attempts.

Q. Can I still attend if I am a felon or have a full-time job?

A. Yes

Q. Do you teach classes in Spanish?

A. For permits, yes. For skills test at DPS, no. However, we do have bilingual instructors on-site.

Q. Do you offer weekend courses?

A. Coming soon!

Q. Do I need a permit before I start driving?

A. Yes, you will not be allowed in the truck until you present a copy of your permit.

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